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What is this project?

Armada was the first programming I had ever touched/done and It was complex, rewarding and a significant learning journey for me. It was my first exposure and project and it was extremely freeform, being totally self motivated. The beginning of my interest in creating, problem solving and eternal learning and improvement.


  • Javascript
  • P5.JS
  • P5.Play


To learn the fundamentals of javascript, prior to extensive OOP implementation. This was my first ever programming, ever. I had never even touched HTML!

  • To learn in an interesting format (games).
  • Ignite a passion


Programming is hard! It’s hugely problem solving and extremely rewarding. This taught me that this is a skill I genuinely WANT to improve in, and the project I built had many flaws and potential for refactor. I include this in my portfolio as a tribute to the journey and desire to continue learning!

My style for learning (hands on) was troublesome and a hurdle that I needed to overcome as good code requires planning, of which I initlally did none of. This project really struck the importance of that in me, and ignited my passion to develop!